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A bottle of Maker’s Mark with a glass full of the whiskey next to it from Carversteak.

Carversteak Maker’s Mark Private Selection

Our very own Francesco Lafranconi, VP of Beverage & Hospitality Culture for Carver Road Hospitality visited the Maker’s Mark distillery in Loretto, KY to create a premium custom whiskey exclusively for Carversteak. Francesco hand handcrafted the private selection batch by creating a custom wooden barrel aged to perfection. This story in a bottle is only available for a limited run.

Tasting Notes


Dark chocolate, rum raisins, dry figs, almond macaroon, antique oak


Complex, sophisticated, and lingering on the palate


Mildly sweet, opulent and layered, sultry mouth-feel with notes of dry figs, pistachios, brown sugar, dark chocolate with a hint of Sherry-like character



Maker’s Mark Distillery in Loretto, KY
Francesco traveled directly to the 1,000 acre grounds for Maker’s Mark to start his journey in handcrafting the custom Carversteak whiskey.
Creating the Right Formula
Francesco decided on a 0:3:3:3:1 stave selection to create the premium flavor profile of the custom Carversteak whiskey.
Honing in the Correct Blend
Francesco (pictured) tastes each respective whiskey variation to concoct the correct blend to put into the custom barrel.
We’re Not Drinking, We’re Learning®
Francesco (pictured) puts his signature on the barrel in October 2021, for the barrel to then be aged four months to absorb all the refined flavors from the staves.
An icon of a knife.

The Carversteak Maker’s Mark Private Selection Barrell Birth Certificate

Kentucky Swagger Cocktail

The Carversteak Maker’s Mark private selection barrell birth certificate.

Enjoy the handcrafted cocktail at Carversteak with the custom whiskey which includes Carversteak Maker’s Mark Private Selection, M&R Ambrato Vermouth, Stambecco Amaro, and Botanika Angelica.

Follow Francesco’s Journey