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Wine Program

Carversteak’s wine program has been awarded Wine Spectator’s coveted Award of Excellence for 2023. The menu was curated by our very own Master Sommelier Lindsey Geddes, the world’s 21st female Master Sommelier, and a talented and passionate wine team who assists guests in choosing bottles to be uncorked during their dining experience.

The crown jewel box of our wine program is our temperature-controlled walk-in wine cellar on display in the dining room. The wine cellar includes coolers for white, dessert, sherry, and sparkling storage as well as a marble island in the center for bespoke wine tasting experiences for our guests.

The impressive wine vault, offers 412 selections, is an evolving showcase of the great international wine producers from around the globe featuring renowned classics alongside rising superstars.
We hope that you enjoy our curated modern wine program.

Carversteak Master Sommeliers

Steven & Lindsey Geddes

Steven and Lindsey Geddes are the only married Master Sommelier couple working on a restaurant floor, and Carversteak is honored to have them both available to enhance your dining experience.