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Privacy Policy

We know your personal information is important to you and it is also important to us and this is why we decided to follow the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), not only for European individuals, but for all individuals regardless of nationality. This Privacy Statement tells you how we use your personal information and explains your rights around how we use it. Please read this Privacy Statement to understand how and why we use your personal information. If you give us personal information about another individual, please make sure you have their permission and please make them aware of this Privacy Statement as it applies to them.

1) Why do we store data?

We store data relevant with the service we facilitate for a venue:

  • Data related to an online purchase
  • Data related to a visit at a venue
  • Data related to a request for a service at the venue

2) What data do we ask from you?

Depending on the service you use, we might ask you for:

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Your Email
  • Your Gender
  • Your Date of Birth or Birthday
  • Information Regarding your Visit (budget, type of visit, visit date, table booked)
  • Billing Information

3) How do we store your credit card or banking information?

We do not store credit card numbers. All our processing is tokenized, meaning the credit card information is sent to a processor that returns to us a token used to refer to that transaction or credit card. This token also stores some identifiers like the last 4 digits of your credit card, but we have no means of getting your credit card information as it resides solely with the processor. We also create a billing fingerprint for the sole purpose of detecting suspicious activities across venues.

4) What is our role?

We are a data processor as we store and process data on behalf of venues. Your data will not be shared with anybody outside the venue for which you provided information.

5) What do we do with your data?

We put your data at the disposal of the venue you gave it to, whether for a purchase, reservation or inquiry. The venues can export their data and have the ability to import it into their own CRM. The privacy protection we offer is limited to the data we store and process for the venue. You will need to review the privacy policy of the venue for data they might have exported from our system.

6) Where is the data stored?

UrVenue is a cloud-based system and might use one of the following cloud providers depending on the venue and services used:

  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud

7) Personal Data Breaches

Personal Data breaches will be reported within 72 hours. We will report to authorities, including the state of Nevada Gaming Control Board and other regulatory bodies concerned, what has been stolen and what countermeasures have been taken. Depending on the depth of the information stolen, we might directly contact the individuals about the breach.

8) Getting a copy of your personal data

By providing proof of identity, we will send you all the information we hold about you across our venue customers. If you find any information factually incorrect, you are able to update it. We will forward your request for information as well as your updated information to our venue customers in the event they have your profile in an external system.

To get a copy of your information or update your information, email us at: [email protected]. Remember, we will need proof of identity.

9) Your privacy tomorrow

We will keep improving your data protection in the future by adding easy tools to review and update your data yourself as well as add additional security layers as technology allows it. We will also keep up to date on privacy regulations worldwide so we can be compliant with the strictest guidelines similar to the European GDPR we are in compliance with.